Fall/Winter Term Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Services available:

Brandon Center staff provide consulting and training services for working with records of practice, including support for using the resources in the center.  Additionally, some equipment can be checked out from the front desk for use at the Brandon Center, including:

  • Headphones for use in the meeting booths
  • Wireless computer keyboards, mice, and remotes for use with specific monitors/computers in the center
  • Laptop computers that can be used within the center  (Note: The center takes no responsibility for files, data, and other work left on these computers, and all files will be deleted on a daily basis.)

Using Rooms and Spaces in the Brandon Center

The Brandon Center is open to the entire School of Education community.  Because the Brandon Center is intended as a library and work space, the School of Education aims to keep the center open for this purpose as much as possible.  In general, the entire center will only be closed on rare occasions for special events approved by the Brandon Center Steering Committee.  Special events that affect the normal operation of the center will be noted on the Brandon Center website.

Similarly, though the center can be used for special projects and activities that are related to SOE courses, it should not be used for on-going regular class sessions.

Spaces in the Brandon Center that can be reserved for work sessions and meetings include:

  • Large conference room
  • media:scape rooms 1 and 2
  • Small conference rooms 1-4

There are three ways to reserve rooms in the Brandon Center:

  • Advance reservations – including same-day reservations – can be made by visiting or calling the Brandon Center front desk (734.764.5427). Please provide the name of  the SOE faculty, staff, or student contact person, his/her email address and phone number, the day and time the room would be used, room preferences as well as any details about the use of the room such as specific technology needs.
  • Advance reservations can also made by e-mailing edu.net@umich.edu and, as above, indicate room preference, time, duration and the SOE faculty, staff, or student under whose name the reservation is being made. It is also helpful to indicate the specific SOE project or class as it helps with our tracking of how the space is being used.
  • Immediate reservations. If a space is available when patrons visit the center, they may reserve that space for immediate use by going to the front desk and making a reservation with the front desk staff person.

The remaining spaces in the center are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved.  These spaces include:

  • The cafe area
  • The living room
  • Booths 1-4
  • Campfire areas 1 and 2
  • The design and work area in the rear of the center

Food and Drink in the Brandon Center

Food and drink is allowed in the center, though patrons should exercise caution with beverages when using the technology-equipped spaces.  The kitchen (2007A) contains a microwave, dishwasher, ice machine, and refrigerator that are to be used for special events only. The coffee maker uses individual coffee “pods” (K-cups) that center patrons can bring in to use with the machine located on the counter outside of the kitchen. In order to be environmentally conscious, we advise that patrons use their own coffee mugs as disposable cups will not be available.


The lockers in the Living Room are available to center patrons for storage during their use of the Brandon Center.  Overnight storage is not allowed.  Lockers will be unlocked every night at closing and any remaining contents will be stored for 5 days in lost-and-found before being disposed (perishable items will be disposed immediately).  Locker users assume all risks associated with its use, as the University of Michigan is not responsible for the theft or loss of any materials left in the locker. The university reserves the right to open any locker at any time to investigate any disturbances or safety concerns as determined by the university staff or law enforcement. The University of Michigan retains ownership and possessory control of the lockers. Violations of university policies will be handled via standard university procedures for students, faculty and staff.

In order to lock a locker door:

  • Close the locker door
  • Press the button in the center of the locker keypad
  • Enter a 4-digit combination using the keypad
  • Press the button in the center of the keypad again. The door should now lock.

In order to reopen a locker door:

  • Press the button in the center of the locker keypad
  • Enter the 4-digit combination using the locker keypad
  • Press the button in the center of the keypad. The door should now open.

In order to maintain the security of all the lockers, please remember or write down your locker combination.  Should you forget your combination, center staff can retrieve your stored materials, but only by overriding all the locker locks, which will open all the locker doors.

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